The Amazing World of Whales

Whales are one of the largest living animals that are ever known in human existence. Although the biggest, whales are also called the gentle giants. Despite being the largest animals to have ever lived, there are also various whale types and size ranges depending on which whale species they belong. They primarily get their food by diving approximately 500 m to hunt. Whales are also noted to be social animals and blue whales are considered to be the loudest species due to the low-frequency communication they do often.

If you are interested in whales, you must definitely go on a whale watching adventure which is a quite popular activity in countries like Australia, Africa, and Canada. Today, the species of whales are dwindling due to the whaling activities and illegal hunters in the oceans eager to kill for profit. We do not encourage that you go in sea world aquariums to see them rather go to their habitat and witness them naturally as they magnificently descend from the depths. There are various places where you can start your adventure. One of the best places to do this is in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Whale Watching in Vancouver
Vancouver has long been known for nature activities such as skiing, fishing, and whale watching. The geographic location and landscape arrangements of the country make it perfect for such activities. Vancouver is the perfect choice for your first whale watching adventure tour. You’ll see that tours give the passengers the adventure they will forever remember. Given the opportunity to ride a first class vessel, you will definitely have a close encounter with the gentle giants of the ocean. The highest standard of safety will also be ensured as you go out to the oceans. You can expect science and conservation to work hand in hand on this nature adventure.

What to Expect
On your whale watching adventure, you could definitely have a chance to witness the glorious species in their natural habitat. So be sure to prepare your camera and extra batteries. Note that tours in Vancouver do not allow any acts that will majorly affect the health and condition of the whales. While we promote fun and tourism, we also advocate the safeness of these magnificent creatures as they are also counted to be endangered species which humanity should take care of. We wholeheartedly support the marine wildlife research which aims to protect the whales and to preserve their habitat.

You can also expect a quality equipment for safety purposes and a premium quality of customer service and assistance all throughout the tour. Medicine, snacks and other necessities will be available at the office so remember to buy these before going out. Sunscreen and binoculars are also a must bring items on this adventure. We recommend that you make reservations weeks before your visit and ensure that weather will be perfect for your chosen date. Note that nature does not work on schedule and things can be very unpredictable. The staff will still do their best so the guests could witness the magnificent creatures of the oceans.