So Your Kids Are Interested In Whales?

If your kids are showing interest in whales you’ve got to help encourage them. Some of the best marine biologists showed the fascination with sea life early on and we all know the whales can use as much help as they can get when it comes to protection and conservation!

Get some books there are tons of books out there at every reading level designed to teach your kids about whales and other marine mammals. While you’re at it show your kids the wide world of walruses and manatees as well!

Get online if you’ve got a good Satellite internet provider at home sit with your kids and look up great whale info. There are actually games designed to get kids interacting with scientific data and you’re sure to find some sets about the whale population.

Take a Whale Sightseeing Tour Depending on where you live, consider taking a winter tour to watch the whales migrate. Hawaii, Maine, and California all make excellent viewing posts and nothing will encourage your children more than seeing these majestic creatures live and in person.