Whale Watching and Horseback Riding Combo Tours

Ready for your next holiday? Looking for your next activity or family destination? Running out of vacation ideas? Good thing, Tsylos Park Lodge is open to all for an amazing adventure escape and horseback riding holidays that will be memorable.

When was the last time that you went out with your family or friends? When was the last time that you had a talk with your son or daughter or husband? When was the last time that you were able to exhale so deeply and the air is just so good? When was the last that you had a taste of the raw beauty of nature? You are probably overworked in the office and as you get home you can let go of the gadgets around you to update all of your social media accounts. And now you wonder and somehow you feel that the people who are used to be close to you are slowly drifting away. In this generation where technological advancements have already eaten up almost 90% of our time, we often forget how to really communicate. We are so connected to the digital world that we forget to connect to the real world in front of us. Sometimes, a disconnection is all we need to be connected.

So stop asking yourself if you need this vacation, because YES! Go on an adventure with your family and loved ones. Bond together and ditch technology. Forget about your work for a while and remember the people behind why you work so hard.

Combination Trips

You must have tried all the activities available around your city and is now looking for a way to unwind away from workload and stress from the busy city life. You can still experience the best of raw nature without spending thousands on your vacation. Yes, it’s possible! If you want to breathe the icy-cool air from the mountain of Chilcotin, or fish in the scenic landscape of Chilko Lake, or maybe watch the majestic creature, whales, as they swim across the ocean.

I bet you are thinking if you could do all these exciting activities on your holiday. Yes! You can now try these with the Tsylos Park Lodge vacation package options. You can also choose and customize your stay and choose what activities you will do with your family on a holiday packed with action and adventure.

Tsylos Park Lodge offers fly fishing, horseback riding, and whale watching tours within the well-preserved and untouched wilderness in Canada. Witness the amazing creation of nature and discover the life in the wild. Tsylos welcomes all guests from around the world and their tour is perfectly made for families, couples, friends, or even as a solo traveler. So, saddle up and get your best camera as you testify a beauty that you have never seen before.

Horseback Riding Tour

Wander around Chilcotin Mountain, Foothills and Grasslands as your horse slowly reveals to you the breathtaking beauty it beholds. The trails are designed for both beginners and experts. The riders with over 20 years of experience in horseback riding will be available to assist you all throughout the adventure. Don’t miss out on the mesmerizing beauty of Pacific Coast Mountains and the blue crystal clear waters of the Chilko River.

Make sure that you check their website for the package availability of your choice and make a reservation so that the staff can assist better. Are you ready for an epic vacation this year? See you there!