Why We Should Protect Whales Of Every Variety

There are more than 80 species of Whales in the world and they have been in danger of being slaughtered for many years. This is a travesty for more than the obvious reasons so we need to protect the whale population, it’s our responsibility. Whales are very intelligent creatures. Research has shown they are very intuitive as to whether or not a different species from their own is considered off limits to mate. Their families bond together as human families do and this includes the great-grandchildren on up to the grandfathers. They are a lot like humans.

An important function of the whale species is that their excrement contains properties that help to remove carbon from our atmosphere. It fertilizes aquatic plants that use carbon in the oceans, which in turn keeps the water healthy, and this helps to reduce greenhouse gas that surfaces in our air. As you may know, many species of whales are in danger of becoming extinct. Since the reproduction process is extremely slow, in fact so slow that it’s impossible to offset the number of whales that pass away from natural processes. The whale is important to our habitat; protecting them benefits our eco-system.