A Whale Of A Tale: All About Whales

Whales are beautiful, intelligent mammals that live in the ocean and breath air through their blowholes which act as lungs. Whales are the only mammals that live their entire lives in the ocean beside manatees.

Whales even have a small amount of hair although it is a lot less than other mammals and by the time they are adults, the have almost no hair left. They are warm blooded mammals with a four-chambered heart. They have mammary glands in which they use to feed their offspring.

The largest whale is the Blue whale which gets as big as 94 feet long. Is this new to you? The smallest whale is the Dwarf Sperm whale which only gets as big as 8.5 feet long by the time it reaches adulthood.

The fastest whales are the Killer whales and the Shortfin Pilot whales which can swim up to 30 miles per hour. Many whales migrate over long distances every year. They usually travel in groups or pods from cold water feeding grounds to warm water feeding grounds.

Whales are very social mammals with the strongest social ties being between mother and baby. They do not lay eggs but rather give birth to live offspring. They usually breed in warm tropical waters, seasonally and have a calf every one to three years. They are pregnant for as long as 9-18 months and the calf can swim as soon as it is born.