All You Need To Know About Whales

Since whales are warm-blooded, they are a type of mammal. To survive, whales draw in air through a blowhole at the top their head. The blowhole allows them to remain underwater while breathing. They also use the blowhole to release excess water. When whales release excess water, they form a spout. Scientists can use the spout to figure out what species of whale they are.

A layer of fat called blubber protects whales. Like other mammals, whales have a heart, spinal column, and ears. Their main diet consists of plankton; however, they also feed on larger organisms.Never heard of this before? Whales have multiple mates a year, so it is rare for them to be monogamous. Despite having multiple mates, whales create very few offspring. When they do have babies, the mothers nurse them until they are old enough to catch food on their own.

Scientists divide whales into two sub-orders: Baleen and Toothed. Those who want to go whale watching have a number of options. For example, whale watching is popular in Africa, Australia, Canada, and Costa Rica. To help these majestic mammals survive, people must take more action to prevent whaling. Since their birth rate is low, whaling can alter the entire population.