Whale Watching And What To Look Out For

Whale watching can be a fun and educational experience. There are a few things you want to consider before embarking on a Whale Watching Adventure.


Make sure the tour that you decide to take has an acceptable rating when it comes to Safety. The boats should pass frequent local and federal inspections with ample life preserves and experienced staff.

Locating Feeding Spots

The key to seeing whales is finding their feeding spots. Whales will follow the live food and their location changes frequently. Make sure to research the reputation of the company giving the tour to ensure they know where to go, rather than just heading out to the same location each time.

Researchers vs. Tourist Attraction

A group of researchers may offer to take you on their next trip, and they will put in a greater effort to find whales. This will provide you with the ultimate experience in Whale Watching. A tourist attraction trip has your non-refundable ticket fee and may be more interested in selling you tacky souvenirs and drinks along the way.

When In Doubt

Check your local Better Business Bureau, ask your friends, and do your research on online review sites. Even if a company offers you another trip free for not seeing whales on the first trip, this may not be helpful if you are traveling to go on a Whale Watching tour.